The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre was conceived by a group of entrepreneurial, community, civic, and academic leaders, all of whom recognize the importance of fostering the growth of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship as a means of supporting sustainable, long term economic development in the region.

The Centre is being developed and will offer commercial space through the for-profit Kelowna Sustainable Innovation Group along with services & support to startup and early stage companies, community members, non-profits, and social enterprises through the non-profit Kelowna Innovation Society.

Kelowna Sustainable Innovation Group

The Kelowna Sustainable Innovation Group is comprised of private investors with a commitment to supporting the founding ideals of the Centre, and the ongoing growth and health of the technology & innovation sector in the region.

The Kelowna Innovation Society (KIS)

KIS has a clear mandate to ensure the Centre delivers superior, measurable value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem through the provision of vibrant, creative, collaborative space and to provide inspirational leadership for the ongoing development of the technology and innovation community.

The success of KIS will be measured by the growth and success of our tenants, valued partners and the technology and innovation community as a whole.